Saturday, June 16, 2012

Counter Strike 1.6 DeathMatch Mod - CSDM

This CS 1.6 mod allows player to respawn instantly after they are dead .To install CSDM mod you have to install AMX Mod X first .
Then Download  CSDM 2.1.2 here, unzipp it anywhere on disk ,then copy all files to \cstrike\addons\amxmodx and restart server .

CSDM mod commands
csdm_enable - enable the deathmatch mode
csdm_disable -disable the mode
csdm_reload - reloads the mode's config
csdm_menu - show the CSDM menu on screen
edit_spawns - opens the respawn menu to add and erase spawn points

CSDM command to show the weapon menu :
Guns, /guns, menu, enablemenu, enable_menu -

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