Friday, June 15, 2012

Counter Strike 1.6 Warcraft 3 Mod

CS 1.6 Warcraft 3 Mod

Before using this mod you have to install AMX ModX !
After you have installed AMX ModX successfully , download Warcraft3.rar  . Unzipp it anywhere on disk and you will have tree folders:( addons, souns and sprites ). 

-First open the addons\amxmodx folder, and you will have there several subfolders. 

-Copy the content of every folder to "addons\amxmodx"

-Make sure that a line containing "war3ft.amxx" found in HLDS\cstrike|addons\amxmodx\configs\plugins.ini (add it if it is not there).

-Go to cstrike\addons\amxmodx\configs\modules.ini where you erase the dot and coma (;) in front of the lines: fakemeta,engine, nvault.

-Copy wc3.css, METAMOD 1, AMX MOD X 1.76d files into "cstrike".

-Copy sound  folder to cstrike\sound

-Copy sprites folder to cstrike\sprites

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